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Let us host your reunion on the Ranch!


One of our favorite groups to host at the Cabins at Hartland Ranch are reunions.  Whether a family reunion, a group of college friends wanting to reconnect, or any group of folks just wanting an opportunity to get away and get back together - Hartland Ranch is the place for you!

Yes, you could rent one large house for your reunion - but why pack your entire extended family into one house if you don't have to?  Why share bathrooms with friends or family that you may not know that well, or worse... (ha!) know too well!  At Hartland Ranch, every family can have its own cabin to retreat to for privacy, while coming together in our common areas for games, campfire stories, and cookouts.  Previous reunion guests have raved about this setup and how it allowed their families to have quality time together without being on top of each other at all times.


For larger gatherings, the large barn porch is a great place to come together for cocktails or to grill a meal together and watch the wildlife in the valley below.  We also have folding tables and chairs for rent that can be placed in approved common areas.  Ask Jennifer for more information when you call!

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event with us.   A
3 night minimum stay is required to host an event of any kind on the ranch.  Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon about your event! 

Thanks for your interest! Jennifer will contact you soon!

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